\ ˈzäftiɡ \

Definition: a woman having a full, rounded figure or plump.


Machinate is only one of the 52 illustrations in the new Lexicomics adult coloring book and coffee table book.

"Do you want the one gallon or the five gallon soda size?"
"I thought we'd go to this bar where it’s impossible to get a drink and so loud you yell just to be heard."
"I'll be back in a minute to take your drink order."
"As you can see we have taken the 'open office' concept to the next level by removing all furniture."
"Mr. President, I don't care what Fox News says, there are no monsters under your bed."

The ABC's of Animals Doing People Things

Your child will love learning the ABC's where animals take the place of people in everyday situations. The book has 26 wonderful and whimsical illustrations that teach and delight as you move through the rhymes on each page. Made with a hardcover and heavy paper so the book will last for years to come.



Late Night Cartoons


Street Perspective


Urban Heraldry