The Project
Follow along as I Create a Graphic Novel
This is my first graphic novel and it’s a very ambitious project. I expect there to be at least 1200 individual panels, each one will have countless revisions and tweaks. Plus, the story development, which is no small feat and something I will be learning along the way. If you decide to join this journey I can guarantee that my missteps will provide you with a few good head shakes and maybe a “come look at this idiot” moment or seven.

The storyline will grow and evolve as I develop it, but here is the jumping off point.
Chasm Moon
On Chasm, a moon divided nearly in half due to mining for Nishati the energy source for interspace travel, Oogie Riff is hired to find a serial killer—while trying to keep his marriage alive.
I hope you join me in this journey and please send me your comments.